Brahma Nityam part 2: The Eternal Being

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Die Tattvamasi mantra besingt, dass du, wenn du dich tief öffnest für das was du bist, das Absolute erfährst. Dann erfährst du, dass du das Absolute bist und dass dieses Absolute dein wahres Selbst ist. Die Guru Brahma mantra besingt: Oh schöpfende Kraft, Träger von sowohl allen Veränderungen als auch von aller Unterstützung für alles was lebt, gerne lasse ich mich, ehrerbietig und hingebungsvoll durch dich als meinen absoluten Lehrer begleiten, denn du bist das ewige Sein.

Tattvamasi mantra

Offers a relaxing healing of your being

The value of this mantra:

  • Blesses you.

  • Enlightens you, offers presence.

  • Invites you to open yourself for the greater whole.

  • Helps you to not reject yourself.

  • Engenders affection for yourself and for life.

  • Helps you to not blame yourself.

  • Purifies your feelings.

  • Advances your longing for harmony.

Guru Brahma mantra

Offers a relaxing healing of spiritual openness

The value of this mantra:

  • Helps you to be grateful for the inspiration and light from eternal being.

  • Brings you back into relationship with life as a whole

  • Engenders your longing to be together with essence.

  • Gives you confidence and trust.

  • Helps you to connect with the essence within you and around you.

  • Opens you up to your relationship with your spiritual teacher or your spiritual source of inspiration.

  • Brings the stomach chakra (3rd) in connection with the identity chakra (2nd).

  • Opens your crown chakra (7th).

  • Lets you experience the love of life and your spiritual teacher.